revmary (revmary) wrote in wesleyfdn,

School of Christian Mission Info

If you really want to know the truth about Israel and Palestine!

They are being so used as a political piece , both Israeli-jews and Isreali-arabs.

Women and Children are the easy targets.

(Isreali-arab-christians) have been Christians since 33 AD. But, they were displaced in 1967 too.

Imagine if you will someone comes to you and says, go away for two weeks, you can come back to your home, you grow olives,, you believe them...then they won't let you come back home!

It's Like Me telling one of my myspace pals, I like your house, so get out, I am talking it. You'd fight you your home.

One girl was delayed in an airport, a christian arab, she has Cerebral Palsy, they even took away her maxi pad...she was left to bleed all over herself for 3 hours, and had to go on the plane like that...she was looked at like disgusting...She was a modest christian girl, to make her look like that is terrible.

An elderly jewish lady, holocast victim was stripped searched at the same airport. Women are easy victims , they like to soil them because they are modest!

A Young Boy was shot in the belly with a rubber bullet, he survived, but the NEWS AP erased the tape...The Mission people got the proof amd tried to get CNN and FOX in on it, they stated this wasn't news worthy.

We are being LIED TO USA! Check this out, it's reputable!
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