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rambling into randomess...

Jean-Paul Sartyr was right! HELL IS other people.
(From his NO EXIT drama)

We all have conflict and crap going on in our lives, we are gonna disagree on things...right...accept that fact and you'll have more "happy days" Will you have less you will handle it better, won't be quite a drama queen -dramatic. LIFE IS A DRAMA...So there, nuff said.

Someone told me sometimes you want to tell people Just to GO TO HELL! Well, you probably shouldn't verbalize it...but wanna do it...restaint and common desency keeps us from the doing...perhaps? maybe other factors I know need to get in to. ( a preposition just for MATHJEDI, GRINS)

Well, maybe I wanted to tell someone to Kiss my ass...but I didn't...for some odd reason...I was never really a curser- probably one reason...

And sometimes whe you have done all you can do, and were misunderstand, you wanna say, Speak Ass-face won't! Again you restrain...

I have just about decided to tell this one particular person...just that Speak Ass Face won't...get over yourself, I did nothing to you...we will have to see one another occassionly might as well, get over it and be civil...

Romans 3:4-14 says, as Paul talks about his past imperfect...can't do anything about the past, still have the scars-wanna see...but, I focus on the future and the heavenly prize...maybe we should all just when drama arises, Laugh it off, Something the devil doesn't want us to do. Let's show each other our past battle would be more trade battlescar stories, right? Or at least more interesting...

Face we have all PISSED someone off in our past...if we are honest...forgiveness an forgetting helps us move on, don't hold a only hurts you...

I do apologize for some language, before I get blasted by people in comments, these are just ramblings from a very cynical ciruit rider today, please overlook the shortcomings, pastors are human, and sometimes we gotta let it out...JESUS understands me...that's all I need...He forgives me...and thank God...that God Doesn't really see me as I am now, He's sees the perfected product covered in the blood of His son...No SiN, No condemnation, No problems! So, some reading this may say, a pastor would post curse words , for shame! and condemn me for it...but no CONDEMNATION TO GOD...He sees me as I WILL BE, Perfect...( now, that's a hard theological concept , I know...but...keeperofthewall I think I will have dinner with a whoremunger tonight, redoing you whore/drink thing....hee)

"God Give me faith enough to not see and believe;
God give me Grace enough to see and believe."

-Preacher Mary
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