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Well, another couple united in marriage...

Today was Gary and Alice's day( not their real names) .  This 20 something couple with three children(hers) in tow and His Father and Mother came to the parsonage to exchange their vows.  They just wanted a something intimate.  

Yes, in today's culture, people remarry...counseling with a remarriage is different , yet similiar to the first timer.  When a couple wants a church wedding or a pastor to officiate, what they say is, GOD we want you in the marriage first....I ask them that first off in counseling.  Yes, sometimes we come to one another with past baggage...but Christ's love is big enough to clear it.  All we can say, even if we have reservations is that you know the commitment is serious and marriage takes work, if you have troubles, call me...or another pastor...don't let it go unresolved.  

I have performed 10 wedding ceremonies now...ready to start counting on the toes.  (haha)  I have heard some pastors say, " I rather do a funeral anyday, than a wedding!"  Well, both a beautiful times that we , as pastors are allowed to share with people.  But, I like doing weddings. 

I guess color me one of those UMC Pastors that the Baptist preachers say, those UMC's will marry anybody!  But, with our motto of Open Hearts, Open Doors and Open minds...hmmmm

Besides, God has entrusted me with the commisioning of spreading the gospel, ministering to His people, loving them unconditionally....I pray and Fast over each couple, asking God for His words in counseling pre maritial...If they want to marry...and I don't do it...Am I responsibble for their continued  "living in sin" in premaritial relations.  Yes, I had some reservations concerning this couple, too personal to mentioned here, however, Jesus spoke to me, " What if My Father said, tomorrow July 1st you're coming back on that cloud to gather your church?  What if I didn't perform this ceremony, and they would be living in sinful pre maritial relationship...Responsibility on my shoulders, because I could have got that straightened.  

This Couple has rededicated their live, and are putting God, How can I judge.. I can't...
I know some pastors would disagree...and say you don't have to marry everyone who comes to you...and I don't...I drug my feet in counseling sessions...they couldn't wait and got someone else...I didn't tell them no, I drug feet...well, it lasted two month...discernment allowed God to handle it, so I wouldn't have to say no by dragging my feet.

Now, that I have randomly question...Any pastors here ever done a simple wedding in their parsonage.?   
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