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Sermon Message

(Having a forgiving Spirit, forgiving self)

I. On Having a forgiving Spirit-

Define Forgiveness-
Forgiveness is the overcoming of negative affect and judgment toward the offender, not by denying ourselves the right to such affect and judgment, but by endeavoring to view the offender with benevolence, compassion, and even love, while recognizing that he or she has abandoned the right to them. The important parts of this definition are as follows: a) one who forgives has suffered a deep hurt, thus showing resentment; b) the offended person has a moral right to resentment but overcomes it nonetheless; c) a new response to the other accrues, including compassion and love; d) this loving response occurs despite the realization that there is no obligation to love the offender (Subkoviak, Enright, Wu, Gassin, Freedman, Olson, Sarinopoulos, 1992, p.3).

That's probably a fancy way of saying it. But, what does to forgive mean to you in real life? To say I forgive someone.

Matthew 8: 21-25
Peter is curous- now we may know from Peter's action of previous-he may have gotten hot under the collar somewhat, speaking out first, not he asks Jesus How many times do I have to forgive? The famous 7 times 70 answer of Jesus...

Now that didn't mean Peter could keep a tally 490 times is all that I am forgiving a person! Deeper meaning NEVER STOP forgiving. If someone hurts you, forgive them.

I think In this society today, WE DON'T like to hear this teaching of Jesus! Turn the other cheek philosophy. We still want blood, revenge, eye for an eye or tooth for a tooth under the law! My personal opinion To go to War for a just cause is commedable...but pre emptive strikes...aren't conveying turh the other cheek ministry of Jesus here. Here is an example:

My Seminary Professor teaching Sunday School for Adults, he was teaching Jesus' Teachings in a Lutheran Church. Turn the other cheek came up, and of course A Evangelic Christians' decision to make war. Premptive...This Lady said Jesus was WRONG in His teaching on the war! WOW, How Brazen, Jesus is Wrong??? WOW, more than I could think about.

This is just an example of us today, we don't like this forgiveness , turn the other cheek philosophy. Why not? We are supposed to be Christ imitators? Right. Jesus never mumbled a word and die on the cross, if anyone had a right to Kill all there...was Him...but He didn't. Never stop forgiving.

Even though It's hard, making the decision to be compassionate and having a forgiving spirit is a must in becoming a World Changer!

But, even as hard as it is. Forgiving others is easier than my #2 point here.

II. Forgiving yourself

2 Cor. 2:7-10

Paul is telling the jewish christian not to place burdens on Gentiles they can't handle as new converts...meaning dietary law and circumcison.

Something we are out own worst enemy. We come to christ and ask for His forgiveness, then we listen to satan lie to us and we want to believe that we can't be saved, really...Would God really forgive the things I did? YES HE DID...But, satan wants you not to believe it. Why is it so hard for us to forgive yourself? Satanic expectations probably all contribute...But, we need to go and refresh the decision to be Happy here....don't let satan lie to you...God created you special, He loves you, He is so happy that you have come to believe in his Son and accepted Him and made confession with your mouth Jesus is Lord! You can have intimacy in Him. It's so precious, don't let Devil steal it.

When satan tries to beat you up remember this Luke 23:24 Father forgive them they know not what they do.

Now, Jesus entered Jerusalem with palms and praises only to have some of those same people shout out crucify Him on Friday! He willingly took the stripes, beat practically till the point of death, hardly in any condition to stand before Pilate, he stood not mumbling a word...accepting totally the cross...the suffering...and most of all OUR SIN...even the Passion of the Christ movie cannot really even begin to portray.

Jesus didn't just forgive those mocking and killing Him then and there. But, that statement is for ALL, especially us in this time. Jesus before any of us before we were born-forgave us because we don't know what we do either. Fantastic power in that one verse. Remember it, when satanic lies begin.

If Jesus forgave you 2000 years ago approximately. When you didn't exist yet, no less. Believe this wholly!

Now, if Jesus forgive you...forgive yourself!

Make the decision to be compassionate! This Decision and the others will make you a World Changer!

" You were created with the ability to be a World Changer...Every decision you make...Every action you take...matters...However, the converse it also true...Every Decision you don't make and Every action you don't take Matters just as Much!"
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